Bring Your Own Dilemma


On April 15th, Copper Horse Director, David Rogers, chaired a panel discussion for Mobile Monday on the subject of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), called BYOD: A Faustian pact? The discussion looked at all aspects of a subject that’ll be fresh in the minds of many employers around the world. Panellists included renowned experts on the subject from companies such as Blackberry and Telefonica.

Whilst there are many positives to taking up the scheme, such as increased flexibility, improved productivity and reduced costs, there are a number of unanswered questions surrounding BYOD and this is what the session focused on. Issues such as the security risks that can arise from the practice and the balance between work and home life for employees all came about in the conversation, which consisted of some great participation from the audience.




The event was a success and an hour and a half networking session followed the discussion, allowing all the attendees to discuss their points of view on this interesting topic. Click here to read Copper Horse Mobile Security Intern, Matt Williams’, blog on his findings from the discussion. Also, click here to read Mobile Monday’s summary.