Securing IoT by Design

A cyber security white paper by Copper Horse

“If you’re looking to deploy IoT, you need to do it right from the start and you need to think about what happens with that product throughout its lifetime, until you sunset it,” David Rogers MBE – founder of Copper Horse and author of the UK’s Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security . “That means working with suppliers and partners who you can trust will take the right approach to security and platforms.”

Arm commissioned Copper Horse to offer an impartial guide to IoT security by design, and the 19 page white paper guides readers on how to appropriately and securely manage solutions at scale.



“If you’re deploying IoT in any kind of environment – for example, consumer, automotive, agricultural, industrial or medical, you need to consider security from the beginning,” David reiterates. “Regulation is coming so it can’t be ignored.”


Topics covered in the briefing include: the threat landscape; future regulation; software updates and device management; public key infrastructure (PKI); end-of-life and decommissioning; and a reminder on identifying and eliminating bad practices.


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Mobile Security Leaflet

Having completed a piece of work for the UK Police about providing basic guidance on mobile phone security; we decided to create a leaflet that was easy to understand and which would capture the main points easily.
The advice covers topics such as:

  • Personal safety
  • Lost and stolen devices
  • Using the features of your device securely
  • The types of threats you need to be aware of
  • Things that you can do to mitigate security issues or to help prevent them happening


Download and Print

Please feel free to download and use the leaflet. All we ask is that you give us some feedback on how it is being used, so we can let people know:

  • Click here for the online version of the leaflet.
  • Click here for a print-ready version of the leaflet.