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Copper Horse has created and maintains various other websites which cover topics such as research, standards mappings and other useful cyber security and technical information.

IoT Security

In December 2022 the UK government passed the Product Security and Telecommunications Act. This piece of legislation brings the top 3 requirements from the UK’s Code of Practice for IoT security into law. These being:

  • No default passwords,
  • Implement a vulnerability disclosure policy and,
  • Transparency around software updates

The draft secondary legislation outlining the regulations associated with PSTI, in progress now, gives manufacturers of IoT devices until April 29th 2024 to implement these requirements. iotsecurity.uk provides a countdown to this date as well as relevant resources about the regulation.


Mapping Security & Privacy in the Internet of Things – ETSI EN 303 645

This site maps global IoT security and privacy recommendations to the ETSI standard for Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things: Baseline Requirements, EN 303 645. It is an evolution of the original site which focuses on the UK’s Code of Practice. That site continues to be hosted on the .uk domain (listed below).


Mapping Security & Privacy in the Internet of Things – UK Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security

This site maps global IoT security and privacy recommendations to the UK’s Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security, produced by the UK government. The sources of data come from a host of recommendations and standards bodies, governments and cities through to individuals across the world.


Application Security Mapping

A home for comparing application security requirements, recommendations and standards. Here you find over 700 requirements mapped to 14 common themes across all the documents and sites reviewed. Each of these different mappings can be explored through interactive mind maps here:


App Stores of the World

The UK government commissioned Copper Horse to investigate the global app store landscape, part of that project saw the creation of a site which provides information on the diversity of app stores that provide apps for various devices. We found the app store landscape far more diverse than some may think; this research captured over 100 unique platforms. View all of the findings as well as an interactive world map of app stores here:


Mobile Phone Security

Our CEO David Rogers’ blog, which explores issues of interest around mobile and cyber security.