Re-branding Copper Horse!

David Rogers explains the new company brand.

We’re delighted to have a new look to Copper Horse. I started the company over 10 years ago – the logo was obvious initially, the company was named after the Copper Horse statue in Windsor Great Park, the town where Copper Horse is based. As many individuals starting a company do, I did what I could to create a ‘temporary’ logo for paperwork and reports in amongst all the other jobs I had! Then in 2013, through friends, we had some help from a part-time designer and that logo and look stuck with us until today.

In 2022, Copper Horse is a globally recognised brand due to our work with multiple international companies and organisations as well as our world-leading work in improving security for IoT products across the world, mapping standards and reporting on the global state of vulnerability disclosure, the list is pretty long and we’re very proud of that! We’re a small company and deliberately so – we’re quite picky about the type of work we want to do, but we certainly pack a punch and want to continue to do so.

During the pandemic we ran an RFP process to find a branding agency to work with us and we eventually selected Cardiff-based Limegreentangerine. All of our work with them was remote and desktop exercises and brainstorming had to be done online. We were certainly happy with the results – as we grow as company, working in multiple sectors and domains, we wanted the brand to reflect our Windsor origins, the gravitas of our expertise and the high quality of our work. I think the brief was met very well and I look forward to delivering work to clients with the new brand! We’ll also be re-branding our Copper Horse Racing eSports GT3 cars for future seasons and using the digital materials in our video streams and the other cool and interesting things we do, so watch this space! For now, indulge yourself in this great video intro: